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Mission Workshop Courage Iloilo in High Energy

Mission Workshop Courage Iloilo in High Energy

Source:  MISSION

Iloilo held its first MISSION Workshop Courage for 2012 in San Lorenzo Ruiz Meeting Hall last Sunday and Monday, February 26-27. 34 participants were present with 22 new ones, 6 staff and 6 refreshers in preparation for Iloilo Facilitator’s Training on the first day. The group composed of catechists, tour guides, energy healers, top law enforcer, educators, government employees, businessmen, journalist, students and jobless. Despite of the diversity, one clear thing that manifested: the question of how we can affect CHANGE. Nick this time presented Courage framework in a more simple yet powerful way mostly in our own native language, Hiligaynon. Belief system was highlighted. As we identify all the dramas in our life (where some act out their old habit and BS as illustration) and connect it in our present belief systems, where it often comes from our subconscious, made this portion more fun, alive and energized. Participants were in realization mode and now in the space of comfort in sharing their personal experiences. So what would it be, CHOICE or CHOKE? 

18 courageous souls went back, together with 4 staff and 5 refreshers on the second day. Reflections were so profound. And the word CHAOS was so present. (Where Nick illustrated this in a very detailed way in relation to the lemniscate. And also I love this part, probably because I can relate to it at that moment) One said we need CHAOS (imbalance) in order to be balance in life. That Re-chaos is not ultimately just crumbling inside, but a CALL to make an authentic decision. That chaos is a part of the liquification process to reach one creative moment. That there is no shortcut to avoid chaos because without it, there will be no enlightenment. In a larger context, our society is in chaos from the government programs up to the government officials especially in the police force as corruption is very present. And HABIT was quite hard to deprogram unless with conscious effort of how to act on it. REFRAMING.

Lemniscate never fails. From the CALL, where we start to question ourselves why. Then the TRIAL, where all sorts of challenges and chaos starts to appear. And when our Higher Being is sending message by seeing things in a different yet positive perspective, and is asking of intentions then we are in ENLIGHTENMENT.  What makes most of us stuck usually is the lack of power to make that RETURN which completes the process supposedly. What is holding us back? Fear of the unknown maybe? Only the ability of an artist to transform a given into a creative result will truly complete our return. And that is COURAGE.

In the afternoon session of day 2, laughter yoga was introduced by one of the participants that made the entire group act outside their norm. It was really crazy and fun! How much more if we can laugh more often with our problems and challenges in our day to day life. It will be more exciting!

After all the exercises and realizations in acting initiatives, everyone was enthusiastic to participate and create one common goal, to create a better world to live in. 

As a result, one of the graduates of this batch was greatly convinced to join us ALETHEIA 2012 and already undergone Facilitator’s training right after the workshop. Hurray! Hurray!

From MISSION Iloilo, this is Au Hugo In High Energy!

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