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Steiner Education, an education that Heals! By: YanYan Simba

Steiner Education, an education that Heals!  
By: YanYan Simba

It is on the day of March 3 and 4, 2012 when I attended the Waldorf Steiner Education Seminar, facilitated by Jake Tan and Bella C. Tan, and  hosted by the Tuburan Institute, the Davao-based Steiner-inspired school.

The past years, my passion in education enables to me understand more deeply the fundamental nature of  “Learner-Centered Education”. The time when I was a lecturer and facilitator at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde – Manila. I have learned that a learner-centered school is committed to seeking answers to the following questions: 

“What is best for learners?
How will learning be most effectively facilitated?”

Learner-Centered education operates according to what is known about individual learners, their heredity, experiences, perspectives, backgrounds, talents, interests, capacities, and needs,  and the learning process (the best available knowledge about learning and how it occurs, including effective teaching practices that promote the highest levels of motivation, learning, and achievement for all learners); and applying this knowledge to improve practice.

Also, to be learner-centered means to learn continuously, evaluate learning experiences, advance synergy and collaboration, respect diversity, and nurture relationships.

In this tertiary level of education, where a lot of experiences is already part of human development, my understanding goes deeply to identify human development after attending the seminar.  

What amazed me on Waldorf Steiner Education is that, this is an education that HEALS!
First, "the approach to art education in Steiner schools is conducive not only to more highly rated imaginative drawings in terms of general drawing ability and use of color but also to more accurate and detailed observational drawings. 

Second, Waldorf pupils to have a lower incidence of allergies and an effect which correlated with the extent to which they lived an "anthroposophic lifestyle" generally  in particular with reduced use of anti-biotic and antipyretics. Children who had received MMR Vaccines showed an increased risk of rhino conjunctivitis.

Third, the textures and colors of nature, the accomplishments and struggles of humankind fill the Waldorf students' imaginations and the pages of their beautiful books. Education grows into a union with life that serves them for decades. By the time they reach us at the college and university level, these students are grounded broadly and deeply and have a remarkable enthusiasm for learning. Such students possess the eye of the discoverer, and the compassionate heart of service to others and to the world. 

Fourth, Steiner Education affects not only the child or the student, but his or her parents as well. It is inspiring to know that it is a healing education to the entire family. 

Fifth, The splendour of the Waldorf School is that it keeps children intact until they are ready to move out into the world as whole individuals as it nurtures, protects and develops the intelligence of the true child. It brings out the best in each child, rather than molding children to a particular perspective of society.

Sixth, Waldorf schools emphasize creativity in all aspects of children's work. The same teacher may stay with the same group of children for as many as eight grades.  In so doing the teacher has to grow and learn with the children.

Seventh, the Waldorf school represents a chance for every child to grow and learn according to the most natural rhythms of life. For the early school child, this means a non-competitive, non-combative environment in which the wonders of science and literature fill the day without causing anxiety and confusion. For the older child, it offers a curriculum that addresses the question of why they are learning. 

Eighth, Steiner education is not only educating the child, but the Parents themselves.
As for me, learning, understanding and looking a peek on this two days seminar, makes me realize that this is a type of educational culture and system is needed in our country and in our community. There is a lot of things to change on Oneself before putting up a Waldorf Steiner Education. 

In Davao City, my friends , Ms. Kate Estember and Ms. Maya Vandenbroeck of Tuburan Institute, Inc. the non-stock, non-profit, Steiner-inspired school in Davao City is on its way!
 It was an inspiring MISSION Initiative when we commit something bigger than ourselves.  
The Tuburan Institute, Inc. will open 2 kindergarten classes in June 2012. Every year, successive classes will be added until the full 12 years of elementary and secondary education are catered for. Workshops are also offered. 

For more information, you can contact them:

Rudolf Steiner stated, "It is not our intention to teach growing human beings our ideas or the contents of our world-view." 

Today, Waldorf schools continue to seek to develop the perceptions and capacities for creative thinking in young adults so that they can shape society for the advancement of humankind out of their own insights and experiences.

By: Casper_Cute

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