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PONCE SUITES, Kublai's Artwork is Awesome!

 PONCE SUITES, Kublai's Artwork is Awesome! 
by: YanYan Simba 

 PONCE SUITES, Kublai's Artwork is Awesome! 
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It was March 08, 2012, when I visited, on the first time, the artworks of KUBLAI MILLA in Davao City. It is really awesome and great to have MISSION Davao "Kamustahanay" with Kate Estember, Tina Suelto, Avvy Silva, Kristine, and Monica. Plus, ofcourse, I took pictures since I really appreciate Arts in any form! whew! 

Kublai Milla

kampilan Kampilan
the phenomenal Davao Artist Kublai
One of the most volatile workers in the art trade of Davao is a young man named Kublai Millan...Kublai's energetic sculptures generate their own energy that necessarily affects the viewer.
For one thing, they are larger than lifesize and have no timidity about it.
They are fantastic also for their range of subject matter. We are of the opinion that if these Millan pieces were placed strategically throughout the city—at the airport grounds, at city parks, public playgrounds, mountain resorts, or in front of public buildings, that people from other cities and environs would take trips just to look, touch, paint, and photograph them.
The Durian at the Davao International Airport

There is for instance this giant, partly open clam shell with a family of eagles looking out at the viwer through the opening.
And where are they situated? A small hotel called Ponce now hemmed in by several pieces of Kublai's sculpture, appropriating the sidewalk on two sides of the island on which the hotel is situated.

As a matter of course, NGO meetings converge there, and poets and writers and yuppies of the first water, singers and musicians who come in from Manila, and strange folk who are attracted by this unusual burst of artistic energy.Birds and Bees: Kublai's Energetic Sculptures by Tita Lacambra Ayala / Mindanao Times

Kublai perched on his giant eagle sculpture
Kublai Ponce-Millan, who created all these giant works, was born on July 8, 1974 in Cotabato City. He finished schooling at the University of the Philippines with a degree of Fine Arts. After which, he dedicated his life back in Mindanao, sculpting the culture from which, where which he grew up, as a human being and as a soul. The massive pieces magnify calm, passion and grief proportonately in the stone-grain finish accomplished with the five-year technique developed through various weathers accompaning their inceptions and growth, from steel and wiremesh underpinnings above and below ground, to the finishing of the last detail of the gesturing hand.

Done in classic proportions, they exude grace, vigor, elegance, compassion and dignity of the human spirit. So much lightness and beauty from so much mock and sweat and strain. The everlasting irony of the making of art.

Kublai's sculptures feature the current tendencies and involvements evolving in the receptive imagination of the elfin sculptor. Looking at some of them, one is apt to wonder whether these are not spirits of all the huge ancient fallen trees that have disappeared into the rivers of commerce, recaptured and come to life again in a different form, to oversee the natural landscape and remind us of the lost presences that had wandered through the dead rivers and forests: the diwatas, the babaylans, the ninunos, the spirits of land, sea and air that have been banished by a new wave of culture and religion in the history and mythology of Mindanao, embraced into a resurgence of memory and identity. —Sculpting Culture: Kublai Millan Sculptures in Mindanao by Tita Lacambra Ayala / Road Map Series

Kublai and his Dragonfly 
Kublai....makes these works of art hoping to "create a spark" in Mindanao—to start the fire burning so that the young ones can strive harder and move forward...He wants to inspire those young artists to pursue their love for their craft.

Kublai now sculptures (sic) in every city in Mindanao. His most recent the biggest church in Mindanao located in Tagum City. He will make the main sculptures of the church, including a 50-feet risen Christ...

So far, Kublai's tallest creation is the sword or ikampilani of Sultan Kudarat located in Sultan Kudarat Municipality, Maguindanao Province...The huge piece of art stands 50 feet! And would you believe he finished it in 16 days? Amazing!

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