Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soft Sculpture Exhibit to Open At Bliss Cafe

Soft Sculpture Exhibit to Open At Bliss Cafe

by Sarah Mae Sabado

Mica Cabildo, artist of works like Tawasman and Metaphysical Sickness, Kadua and Regret is Useless is coming back to Baguio to open her solo exhibit entitled Seeline Woman. The exhibit features crocheted craft about dreams and myths.

Cabildo’s works reflects her deepening understanding of society, man and his many dreams and beliefs. She describes the Seeline exhibit as an exploration of “Joseph Campbell’s idea of dreams as personal myths”. In this view, dreams serve as a reflection of a person’s perception of himself – his success or failure depends on what he believes are his strengths and weaknesses.

Seeline woman is a song by Nina Simone. In the song, the woman changes her clothing and through this change, she creates different effects on men. The song is based largely on the seal wife folktale where the seals turn into women when they remove their pelt.

Using the title Seeline Woman, Cabildo hopes to merge art and mythology through her soft sculptures and show the different factors that influence an individual’s personal myth. It depicts the need for an individual to identify his beliefs and ,worldviews and the importance of transforming them so that they serve the society as a whole.

Cabildo, born and based in Manila works as a graphic designer for Team Manila Graphic Design Studio. She has participated in a number of exhibits including the 1st AX(iS) Art Project held in Febreuary 2011. Her work was also featured in the WAPAAK (Women's Artistic Production and Action Kickstarter) exhibit held in VOCAS last August 2011. She has been a member of the Pointe Foundation since November 2010.

Seeline Woman opens on October 15 and runs until November 18, 2011 at Bliss Cafe, Hotel Elizabeth, J. Felipe cor. Gibraltar Road, Baguio City. Proceeds of the exhibit will benefit MISSION (Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking).

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