Sunday, February 19, 2012


Pag-Bayaw sa PagkabayanI
para sa Bayawanihan

The formation of a MISSION Node in Bayawan is seen to level-up what is already in Bayawan and in key Bayawanons – The Character First! Bayawanihan Movement and the installation of the Performance Governance System (PGS) where governance is a shared responsibility.The city envisions Bayawan to become the Agriculture Capital of the province towards a self-reliant community with a sustainable and diversified agricultural economy.  One of the key strategy is to strengthen citizenship thru the Bayawanihan Way, which is both a perspective and a way of life.

The Bayawanihan as a perspective adheres to the seven core values of the city – S.E.C.U.R.E.S. (Spirituality, Excellence, Creativity, Unity, Responsible Citizenship, Environment-Friendly and Self-Reliance).  As a Way of Life it gathers various sectors in the community to work together in achieving the city vision and in strengthening the foundational values (core) through the Character First! Bayawanihan Coalition.
The formation of the Node would serve as a channel so that present initiatives in Bayawan be linked with other initiatives in the country as well as inspire others to work together for nation-building or even earth-building or universe transformation. It is aimed also to sustain and ignite dynamism of personal and communal initiatives.

Bayawan initiated partnerships with Dumaguete and Cebu already even during pre-Node existence.  We wish to continue this more and expand this direction to include other nodes.

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