Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MISSION KORONADAL by: Dianne Espanol

by Dianne Espanol

Movement of Imaginals for Sustainable Societies through Initiatives, Organizing and Networking

                Hearing about MISSION COURAGE from Kate for the first time back in December 2011 made me excited, nervous, and that unexplainable feeling when you believe that an answer to a LIFE-boggling question is just within your reach.  Let me integrate my experiences during the two Mission Courage workshops that transpired approximately 2 months apart. 

                THE CALL. THE TRIAL. Today many of the young generation begin to question and search for their life purpose.  I, at 30 years old, must say that I felt the great question a few years ago. Recalling the experience, I see myself leaving my routine and surrendering to an unfamiliar. I felt accompanied and confident as I treaded the starting point of the less traveled path. Shifting that abstract picture to where I choose to be now – a teacher, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a lover - that unusual road placed me at one of its bends… worth discovering!

                MISSION COURAGE presents a more scientific echo of the learning’s and experiences I have acquired and gone through. Refer to it as ningas cogon in which you just know what to do and then lose the drive of acting on it so you endure feeling bothered, and being dragged by your stubbornness and complaints. All the while I was searching for that strength and direction from within.  I was waiting for that opportunity to come again. I even challenged myself, “why wait when opportunities are everywhere.”  Then I prayed for what I needed - an open and faithful heart. 

        THE REVELATION. MISSION COURAGE is a force of change that speaks “love…compassion, selfless act… responsibility… PROVIDENCE…”  It’s like a slap telling me “you knew it!” I have realized the stirrings will always lead me to where OTHERS matter. My life is for others. I also remember the passage, “…the moment we definitely commit ourselves, the providence moves too.”

              I played a slightly different role In the second MISSION COURAGE workshop.  Yes, I was part of the organizing and at the same time, a PARTICIPANT, and will still be in the future workshops! In the 2 month-gap where a hullabaloo of school, work and other concerns could derail me, I needed the 2-day workshop to restore my IMAGINAL nature.  It switched on once again the meaning and passion for life and all it grasps – the moment I step in the classroom, the time when I’m with my family, the hours I work and study, the time to relax and enjoy, and when I make decisions. From information to knowledge to wisdom – this is transformation; an AHA moment! I believe I share this significant experience with the rest who completed the workshop. Whether it was checked in the smaller group, or in the bigger group, or knowing it in yourself, it is an AHA moment. Remember when the invitation says “it will change your life forever,” it sincerely does.  It is like living with a bulb on your head reminding you that hey you know what you ought to do, stop ignoring it.  The truth is, I just could not ignore that MISSION COURAGE changed me and must act with this change. 

              LAST WISH. I wish that everybody in MISSION KORONADAL finds himself  in a team that not only desires change for the world but also a change in oneself; not only open arms for the nation but also for the group that we born. 

All this we are grateful to Him who provides! SALAMAT!

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  1. wow! Thanks Dianne! U r great! Your inspiring to be part of the organizing team!