Monday, February 20, 2012

MISSION KORONADAL by: Nicanor Perlas

This is the first MISSION Courage Workshop where there was a significant presence of individuals from the three spheres of society: government, business, and civl society. The government sector had 12 participants, I think. And business, also had nearly the same number of participants. Thus, we all had an interesting experience on the challenge, power and potential of societal threefolding. The city mayor sent many of his key staff, including two of his executive assistants. If the node follows up on the goodwill established by the workshop, amazing changes can happen in Koronadal City, with a population of almost 200,000 people.

The organizers of the workshop went out of their way, especially MISSION member, Kathy Yap, and spoke with heads of institutions that were not normally part of the network of the MISSION node in Koronadal. The team work of the organizer was pretty good.

Thanks so much, MISSION Koronadal, for making this workshop the largest ever in terms of the number of participants who made it to the end. 
Nicanor Perlas

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