Sunday, February 19, 2012

Whatta an ImeldIfic IMAGINAL!!!!

On the 2nd Mission Courage Workshop
by: Imelda Miguel

     The second workshop was different from what I expected, most probably because I played a different role --- I was no longer a participant but part of the organizing committee. It made me realize a number of things, though.

One, participants should never be late or miss a session. It defeats the whole purpose of understanding the whole paradigm.

Two, one workshop is not enough. No matter how attentive I was at the first workshop, I just realized there were bits and pieces I missed. The second workshop affirmed my understanding of the paradigm. After the first workshop, I immediately applied what i have learned--- it was a coincidence that I was to discuss oriental religions the day after the workshop, it wasn't difficult for me to explain how all things in the world are connected to each other. 

Three, I had this longing for the participants to also respond the way I responded during and after the first workshop. Though majority of the people have been quiet for most of the time, the mere fact that they were attentive made me hopeful that something positive is gonna come out of this workshop. It elated me that the person (Mars) I invited thanked me for making her come and miss her classes just to attend. And knowing this Mars, she told me the same thing I said about courage wokrshop--- this is scary! 

Four, Sir Nic, he's right. Koronadal City, being a young city, holds a promise of starting a sustainable community. This workshop would pave the way for the unity of all the sects in our community. We might not get 100% of those attendees on our kamustahanay next week, but given that a number of people already know of the existence and the advocacy binding the Mission members together, it wouldn't be hard to put into life our initiatives as Koronadalenos know where we are coming from.

Five, the presence of the YIP did so much. Their presence speaks how committed we are in changing the present society we detest so much. We have gone global.

Six, I just remembered that I have to keep in touch NOW with the participants. I have to let them know of our presence, that the Mission members are truly supportive, that we didn't just gather them so that after the main purpose of the gathering was over, we live separate lives. I remember how Kathy, Yan yan and Berns kept the fire burning in me days after the first workshop. Receiving text messages and invites to get together just to hang out and talk kept me sane--- sane in such a way that it's not just me who thinks our society is no longer normal.

Lastly, it is now clear why we--- Mission Koronadal are together. We are not organized for any tangible, economic, political nor any practical purpose. We are gathered together for our personal enlightenment--- enlightenment that can never be found by acting individually, but together as one. If I am to assess our group and the way we organized the workshop, the way I see it, it wasn't really difficult (at least that's the way I see it unless some things happened that I do not know of). The team are very much open to one another. Thank you guys!

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