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What if… In Baguio, it IS more fun outside of SM

Occupy SM Baguio!

What if… In Baguio, it IS more fun outside of SM

Much has already been said and much will still be said regarding the cutting of 182 trees in SM City Baguio, now called Project Save 182.  Sadly, some see this as a done deal and environmentalists and concerned citizens can shout themselves hoarse and nothing will come out of it, at least that is what SM and City Officials would probably want everyone to believe.
save the trees in baguio, eco living, green living, project save 182

Maybe so… but then again maybe not.  But it IS by keeping quiet that you make sure that those 182 trees do not have a chance, the city does not have a chance.

I am 40, I have never joined a rally all my life, not a very unusual thing, but for an alumni of UP Diliman that is unusual, (I cringe to admit) it speaks volumes of my apathy and indifference.

But last January 20, in an adopted city I found my voice and for the first time joined a rally.  And what a rally that was!

It has been difficult to write for in the past months, I have hesitated and just forgot about writing, I just didn’t have the motivation to do so.  But that rally gave me the reason to write again. I first heard about it through Dr. Bengwayan of A Tree A Day, the main proponent of the movement. A brave man who inspired more than 5,000 people to walk.

Because of him and his inspiration, I realized that it is by finding my voice and way back to writing again, I also give the chance for another to find his own voice and way.
save the trees in baguio, eco living, green living, project save 182

Even at 40, its never too late to have your voice heard.

save the trees in baguio, eco living, green living, project save 182

But doing so earlier doesn't hurt either

I have always thought SM City Baguio was the most beautiful SM, hands down. Why? Simply because of the pine trees. Nothing beats dining in SM with its view of the pine trees and the mountains. At night, dining al fresco even at Mang Inasal has its charm.

Now SM would want us to believe that a skygarden can replace a forest, that it IS the tourist destination of the City of Pines (without the pine trees).

That is NOT fun, that is funNY (if it weren’t so sad).

I have also thought SM City Baguio was one of the most ecologically progressive among all SM malls, with limited airconditioning, recycled water flushing system and even supporting our Climate Change Presentation of Shiela Castillo, one of the Philippine’s top experts in Climate change.

But recent developments is changing that perception.  Can SM’s green advocacy merely just a marketing ploy to give them a little competitive edge? uhhmmm… Personally, I’m no expert here, but if that IS merely a positioning, it is a very dangerous one in a world that is waking up. Eco or green has very definite parameters that are very transparent, evident and obvious when you are NOT it.

Now that is NOT fun nor funny.

I would suggest you read more credible discussions on the issue so you can have your own opinion, you can read it in the Green Pen and Rappler via JP Alipio.

But what can we do about it? I am just a mother, a teacher, what can I do?  Do we stand a chance against a corporate giant with billions in their pocket? Maybe if we start to rethink where we spend the pesos in our wallets, then they will start to understand and we will start to understand.

Not to promote activism for activism’s sake nor protest just to protest.  I am imagining what would make this more fun?
save the trees in baguio, eco living, green living, project save 182

hmm… what if we are to imagine another way of making our voices heard?  what if we imagine another way of enjoying Baguio?

What if… In Baguio, it is actually more Fun outside SM.

Here’s just partial list why…
  1. Bookstore: Mt. Cloud, National Bookstore in Abanao Square, CID stores
  2. Grocery: Sunshine, Victoria’s, Tiongsan
  3. Clothes: Tiongsan, Ukay-ukay
  4. Furniture: Tiongsan Harrison and Mabini
  5. Dining: OMG, Eve’s Garden, Cafe by the Ruins, Oh My Khan (mmmm…this is getting exciting!)
  6. Cinema: Cinemateque
  7. Family and Kiddie Fun activities: Camp John Hay’s Butterfly Farm, Eco Trail, Tree Top Adventure

The more I think about it, the more exciting it gets!

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