Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Multi-Intelligence and Creativity

Lecture with Dr. Marian Alonzo

by Tet Mora-Uy
04 January 2012

Multiple Intelligence Talk by Dr. Marian Alonzo

Sofia Waldorf Inspired School is so blessed to have the support of Mission from all over, and Dr. Alonzo has volunteered to give a public talk about Multiple Intelligence to promote the school.

Much to the Sofia community’s delight, the audience has reached even non-Mission members and was able to promote another way of learning which is very much at the heart of the Waldorf curriculum.

As the usual with Dr. Marian’s lectures, there would always be shocking surprises of new information debunking commonly accepted “truths” and of course the enlightened oohs and aahhhs. It was a very informative and affirming lecture on Dec 10,2011 a Sunday morning that we hope would benefit the participants in their journey in parenting.

We still have a long way to go to making Steiner education a viable option for Baguio students but if the participants just remember one single gem from Dr. Marian’s lecture then a seed has been sown and we WILL have education that nourishes the child in Baguio.

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