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KaNaMi Koronadal: Workshop Courage batch II was a Blast!

KaNaMi Koronadal: Workshop Courage batch II was a Blast!
(February 15 and 16, 2012)
By: YanYan


A total of 62 participants, including 6 mission organizers and 56 participants attended the workshop.  It is the second workshop courage in Koronadal City. The host of the venue is: St. Alexius, Koronadal City, South Cotabato.  More people became curious about it, since the first mission workshop courage happened last December 2011,. The enrolment of 56 participants attended is a blast. Sectors from different levels and areas attended from Local Government Units (LGU’s), Supervisors and Administrative officers from different companies, Youth Leaders, Students, Church, Ministries and Organizations, company owners, DENR officers and Hospital staffs, etc. Indeed, It is a variety of sectors from the city.
Visitors from YIP and University students from other countries came together with Ms. Grace Calleja from Baguio and Nic. Five interns from our MISSION Volunteer Program (MVP). These are Peter from Australia, Corinna from Switzerland, Louisa from Germany, Philip from the USA, and Christian from Germany and Mirka from Germany. They are all nice and came along with kind heart with the participants. They will be in the Philippines for about a month. They are really excited about mission in Koronadal City. They shared and interviewed the participants, the ongoing and planned initiatives in the city. It was indeed a great and awesome experience.
The energy on the first day is kinda serious since participants are still on the process of understanding what Mission is all about. Taking is given to all organizers and staffers, including the MVP’s. It works well solemnly as everyone is grounded during the workshop. As hours passed by, people are already comfortable talking and sharing with each other. The energy is getting higher and higher, as Nicanor Perlas giving his workshop, the unusual capacity of people to stay focused. The food and Merienda is good. Vegetables, fish and soup are served.     
The  number of civil society, government and business leaders were part of the workshop. The HR officer of LGU-Koronadal  was there. The owners and admin officers of AC Yap Group of companies and Chiu Kim Enterprises was also there. The owner and Manager of Sa Balai Bistro Restaurant, who host the food on the second day also attended. Kathy Yap host the food on the first night at their home. Food Preparations like seafoods, etc. Were served special.  And other company owners and admin officers from different schools attended. It was great!
During the exercises, participants learned grounding, sharing and exchange of ideas is much inspiring understanding from different sectors in Koronadal.  As the first day ends with a challenge to attend more on the second day to understand and incoporate  the insights from the first day.
The second day was more intense. Participants came back and experience inspiring, wonderful and great sharing, activities, drawing, dancing, laughing, etc.                                                           

The feeling is unexplainable as the energy is high drawing out creativity from everyone.    

The workshop ends at around 6:30pm as Nic, Grace, and MVP’s is going to Gensan for the next day workshop. The organizers gives our facilitator and MVP’s token of appreciation as a remembrance in Koronadal. Beadwork Pen Necklace were given as a sign of Koronadal city creativity and uniqueness. And as always remembering the city’s slogan: “Kanami Koronadal!” Also, contacts/ and directories including printed group pictures were given to each and everyone for contact nformation and records. The picture is a sign of unity and imaginality within us during the workshop for 2 days.
The workshop ended by giving important announcement on MODE meeting on February 22, 2012 (old and new members) and MISSION's LIWANAG WORLD FESTIVAL ON CREATIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY to be held in Davao City from January 29 to February 2, 2013. And will be  receiving a copy of the concept paper of LIWANAG in the near future.

The experience is Great,Fun, and Inspiring. 
The Organizing TEAM

From:  Jan Elias “YanYan” Simba II  perspective/reporting:
This is our second MISSION workshop. It is indeed Great, Fun and Important for me because: 

1.  Our number of participants more than doubled from our first workshop courage last December with a total of 21 participants including organizers.

2.  The commitment and energy of my fellow 5 organizers is wholeheartedly inspiring and loving. It is: Kathryn Yap, Nerieza Suyom, Imelda, Aldrin and Dianne Espanol. 

3. Everyone is helping out with passion and integrity. The trust i gave to my fellow organizers works well. Challenges were all open for feedback for us to identify and improve our work relations and results.

4. Majority of our enrolees came ;) 
5. Our Visitors, MVP’s, are very helpful in terms of technical assistance, front desk, book selling and documentation and all! They are all united to support us in our workshop. They established a very good and happy relationship with our participants and with the mission koronadal.
6. People are very participative, that even going in and out of the comfort room/rest room was controlled. Cellphones are in silent mode. Workshop materials are all set. All i can say is wow! Creativity, indeed works from everyone.
7. Participants can connect with the facilitator and with their colleages. I can feel the energy of everyone on how they can support each other in terms of group discussions, group works and activities. The insights of each and everyone is inspiring.  
8. Time is managed since we remind ourselves during break time and lunch breaks. We start and ends on time. 
9. The organizers are always open for feedback to support each other.
10. Our creative self works.

 with phil
 me , christian and phil
 mirka, phil and me
 me, kathy, and mirka
 mirka, kathy and me
Louisa, kathy, and mirka
 me and corinna
 me and phil
 me, nerie, phil and kathy

            After a long journey from my local trips (2 days before the workshop), from Gensan-Manila- Baguio – Bulacan – Subic – back to Manila and  Gensan and back to my hometown Koronadal. I am very much happy and excited to each and everyone. Indeed!
YES! I am able to share my gifts of passion and commitment to my fellow organizers, my family and friends, to the participants, with no expectations. The power of the universe works abundantly. I cannot exactly explain how I feel and my experiences. Thing’s happened in Love, Authenticity and Creativity.  

What if ... I Love?
What if ... I Create?
What if.... we see each other needs?
What if I see myself in YOU?


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  1. MISSION KORONADAL Batch 2 (Feb 15-16 2012)


    - Jan Elias "YanYan" Simba
    - Kathryn Yap
    - Nerieza Suyom
    - Aldrin
    - Dianne Espanol
    - Imelda Miguel

    To our Host: Aldrin and St. Alexius College...
    To our Sponsors, Friends, and Attendees...
    To our visitors from Baguio Grace Calleja...
    To our Visitors from Sweden, Germany, USA, Switzerland and Australia... (Yippies)
    To our Facilitator Mr. Nicanor Perlas...

    Thank You!
    May the Blessings of God Be upon us always!
    All the Best!